I Am A Wavemaker

Spacious Living Room

Women of faith need a place to connect in real ways while enjoying each other, growing personally, professionally, and spiritually.

I know 2020 has been a challenge for some;

loss of business, became a teacher, cut-off from your support system, mental struggle to keep

it all together. 

With each other support, we will be able to keep hope, love, and grace through the lens of Jesus at the forefront of our lives.


We need to support each other in unity and not division.


HOPE.LOVE.GRACE. will be a hybrid community. The convenience of a private online community as well the tools to host your own intentional gathering.


Every three months the focus will be on one area; hope, love, grace, community.

Each focus kicked off with an intentional box of items delivered to your door. As well as activities and challenges in the

online community.


Encourage you to gather your fave friends you do life with for that in-person community you are craving. Learn from and support others across the world in the online community.

YOU are the Wavemakers needed to show hope, love, and grace in a world that is hurting. YOU are the grassroots movement needed right now.

​Don't be mistaken. This is NOT a place to gab our problems away - that never works.

This is a place of actionable challenges, what would you do scenarios, a place for laughter, and occasional tears.

I am a firm believer in actions that speaks louder than words - our actions must be the light others see.

We must be INTENTIONAL in our actions, the time we share with others, and

what/whom we allow to take up space in our minds, hearts, and souls.

Bold for Change

Inspiration + Intentional Action + Community = A Movement



  Can be defined as:

  • A group of people with diverse characteristics, share a common perspective and engage in joint action. 

  • The street you live on, where you grocery shop, your kid or grandkids school, your church.

  • The place where you feel inspired, share challenges, grow as a person. 

As we said before, women of faith need a place to connect in real ways, while enjoying each other, growing personally, professionally, and spiritually. That's the community we are creating for YOU. Online with plans for {dare I say it} in-person coming soon! 

INSPIRATION comes in way of a quarterly in your mailbox delivery.

You will be EXCITED to check your mail! 

Whether it's hope, love, or grace inspired you'll find;

  • Bring a smile to your face items to keep for yourself or maybe share.

  • Community activity challenge - support the efforts of grassroots change in our homes,

business, and communities.

  • Bible scriptures and conversation ice-breakers.


Community activity challenge. We firmly believe actions speak louder than words.


I don't know if you're like me, "Thought - need to get involved in the community - either something distracts me before I figure out what I want to do OR I come up with this elaborate activity plan and need to take a nap."

We've got you - some simple actions you can take - easy to involve your favorite peeps - and share some inspirational feel good on social media. That's a win-win-win. 

Join The Movement


  • A quarterly mailer of four to six items centered around each quarter's focus.

  • A monthly flip-the-script session with review and accountability.

  • Bi-Monthly group interactive "phone-call."

  • Quarterly bible-study.

  • Community: Women of faith need a place to connect in authentic ways while enjoying each other, growing personally, professionally, and spiritually.

  • In-person and hybrid events in the near future.

  • And surprises to come.

  • Have more questions? Check out our FAQ blog.

Meet the Founders


Nicole Lynn-Higginbotham

Co-Founder and CEO

Married and a bonus-mom to two amazing young adults. I'm the one that pets the dogs at gatherings. Addicted

to coffee and dark chocolate. I've been told I need

a T-shirt that says, "Sugar & Sarcasm."


Organizing is therapy to me - yes I did say organizing

is therapeutic (just ask the hubs). Once a month girl's

night is a must (socially distanced of course) and

I might enjoy a glass of wine.


Blood clot survivor - God has a funny way of helping

you slow down and examine your priorities.


The pain in my heart from watching the world become apparently more divided over the past couple of years

is the reason behind Hope Love Grace.


Beyond excited to be partnering up with Kimberly who

I probably would not have met had it not been for my blood clots. Just take the steps even if you don't know where they will lead, He has a plan.

Still curious about me you can learn more here.


Kimberly De-Shields-Spencer

Branding & Marketing Director

Kimberly DeShields-Spencer is the award-winning founder and CEO of UImpact, best-selling author, TEDx speaker, (former) Forbes contributor, philanthropist, podcast host, and highly-sought-after marketing and branding consultant who trains and speaks to organizations and business owners. These are the people who want to understand what it means to reach beyond what they think is possible in their professions–by reaching beyond the limits they set themselves. She cares about people and the results that she can help them generate–by creating individualized and effective action plans to accomplish their goals.

Kimberly has been featured on and in numerous magazines and has served on a variety of boards as she’s blazed a trail of care, creativity, and community throughout her career. She has taken her considerable experience and synthesized it into several best-selling books, such as It Matters: Decisions that will Make or Break Your Business. She hosts a successful podcast that boasts up to 5,000 downloads a month. And that’s not all… Kimberly won’t tell anyone to walk across hot coals. She won’t glide into a meeting with roller blades on. She blends a no-nonsense, direct delivery with disarming warmth, concern, and personal attention. But most importantly, she doesn’t just make an impact, she strives to leaves one.