Fingerprint and Heart

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Yes, the logo is a fingerprint, modern style with a heart at the center and colors that bring a smile to my face.

We all have unique fingerprints given to us by God. We are all created uniquely with strengths and talents. When we learn to hone in on our strengths and how those strengths can support others, we will move forward in a positive life-changing direction. Our strengths can be the hand up that someone needs when they are having a moment of weakness.

The heart in the middle represents the heart that is missing today - the spirit of love. I believe we can all agree that love seems to come second, and division seems to be first.

Mandisa's song, "Bleed the Same," can't be more accurate. Enjoy the full song.

"Only love can drive out all the darkness
What are we fighting for? yeah
We were made to carry one another
We were made for more!"

Our goal of Hope Love Grace is to create a grassroots movement and encourage us all to become Wavemakers.


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